Piove a Dirotto? Esci in Strada con l’Acquascooter!

Quando la pioggia mena, mena.


Ne sa qualcosa Mark Gomez, un ragazzo residente a Fullerton, California.


Quale miglior modo per trarre divertimento da un diluvio che uscire per strada tranquillamente in acquascooter?






On this stormy Sunday this little 550 screamed up this little 8 inch Yale street gutter river like an angry race gas burning salmon up stream!! After years of my brother Philip Gomez and I waiting for the rainy day stars to align. That was for us both being home and it to be raining just hard enough to get our street gutters to flood enough so I could try to ride up our street in Fullerton, CA. We tried it before but couldn’t get it with the help of the neighborhood I pulled it off! First attempt was filmed from the bottom of the hill, I made it all the way up my street, turned right and had to stop because of a parked car blocking my river! This second attempt got almost as far until I clipped the curb which sent me into the shallow spot toward a soft abrupt stop, but thankfully my chin cushioned the blow haha. Such a rad home experience. #bucketlist #liverideescape #Jetski #Fullerton #kawasaki550 @mystiklubes @worxracing @Hydroturf @dasaracing @tcfreeride @liquidmilitia @jetpilotcompany @bombereyewear @skattrak @jet.renu @700pirate #rickter #ESUArmor @salty_investments #factoryzero #hotproducts #coldfusion #kmgracing #performancefiberglass

Un video pubblicato da Mark Gomez (@markgomez137) in data:


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