Samsung presenta il primo smartphone PIEGHEVOLE?!?

Samsung presenta il primo smartphone PIEGHEVOLE?!?

Samsung ha deciso di portare la guerra degli smartphone a un nuovo livello.


Secondo CNET sarebbe in lavorazione il primo smartphone pieghevole di sempre.


Un design unico e inimmaginabile con la tecnologia odierna fino a poco tempo fa.


Dovrebbe chiamarsi Samsung Galaxy X o Samsung Galaxy F. Sì, la F sta per “fold” o “flex”.


Il prezzo? Solo 1500 dollari.


Costa pure poco, dai.




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Take a look at Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone, powered by the Infinity Flex Display. After years of anticipation, Samsung at last showcased a device that transforms from phone to tablet in an instant during #SDC18. Though their demo was brief, we learned a few important things about the device. Its 7.3-inch screen can be folded “hundreds of thousands of times” with a specially-designed version of Android accommodating for running multiple apps simultaneously across the various form factors. Samsung says mass production will begin “in the coming months,” meaning we could get a look at what this device looks like in the wild very soon! Now that you’ve gotten a (brief) glimpse of how it works, what do you think: Are you ready to reimagine the device you use every day? 📱📱

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